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Walk the path of wholeness & heart connection with Zhineng Qigong & Yin-inspired Yoga
Feel&Flow Yoga und Zhineng Qigong Retreat auf der Insel Hvar in Südkroatien
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In this week in invite you to give yourself time to disconnect from the constant stimulation from the external enviroment and reunion with your silence, connection to self and with this infinite sea of energy and potencials that excists around us and in us. 
Dive deep into the power of self-healing with Zhineng Qigong and "Feel & Flow" Yin-inspired Yoga. Part 2 of our Recharge & Shine series invites you to experience being pure consciousness, becoming an observer, noticing everything; being aware of your thoughts, dreams, behaviors, and desires... During this event, you are invited to give yourself time to disconnect from the constant stimulation of the external environment and reunite with silence. Here you will connect with yourself and with the infinite sea of energy and potential that exists around and within. Throughout the week, we will explore "Feel & Flow" Yoga along with intensive Zhineng Qigong and Meditation practices in this magical island environment to allow a deeper homecoming experience to arise.
We will stay in a small, cosy, family-run, holistic retreat place, in the quiet, idyllic mountain village Dol, surounded by vineyards, pinewoods and stunning mediterranean nature, allowing to slow down, relax and regenerate.
The program is interwoven into the weekly Suncokret itinerary to provide a complete holistic yoga & healing holiday adventure on Hvar - the Suncokret way!

Want to go exploring? Come and join us!

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